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[V – Day Carnival] – Not me!

11 Feb

The V-Day carnival is in full swing and it seems like the entire blog-o-sphere has been smitten by the mush bug. It is raining poems, photographs, stories and more. If you haven’t fallen in the pool yet, dive in. 🙂

This is my wee bit to the flow of love. Love – one word which has given so many poets a reason to write poems, innumerable stories to be immortal, a plethora of films unfolding various facets of it and for some it’s a reason to live while for others a reason to not. Blame it on the mush in the air that I am getting all philosophical! 😛 🙄

Anyway, let me share an anecdote. A few days back, I went to this mall close to my place with a friend of mine who wanted to shop for some formal wear. I am a certified shopping averse bloke. Although I know a lot of guys who ‘like’ shopping, I can never really understand that emotion. I have accompanied (read: played a driver + coolie) a number of times my mom, my sis, cousins, et al at their exorbitant shopping expeditions and I have always been amazed and mostly irritated by the amount of enthusiasm women have when it comes to shopping. Quarreling over colors, textures, matching perfection and after all the cogitation about the cost, women have all the energy left to gruel the poor man with their bargaining tactics. With guys, it is mostly plain and simple. The color is decided even before deciding what to shop for; the budget is decided (needless to say) even before deciding the color. All that is left is following three simple steps of this algorithm – go to the mall, pick the trouser/shirt/t-shirt/whatever of the decided color, pay and catch a movie. With women what transcends between the first and the last step is an epic and is beyond the confines of this post. :mrgreen:

So coming back to my shopping experience – this friend of mine, as previously mentioned was absolutely clear on what he had to buy and from where he had to buy it. So, it was fairly simple to follow the algorithm. We went to the mall, he picked up the stuff, I checked out (you perverts 😉 ) the store, he tried them on, I continued checking out (the store 🙄 ) and finally we were at the billing counter. Next to us was this absolutely madly deeply in love couple. The girl undoubtedly was gorgeous. There was no way that our radars would not have noticed her. And believe you me, unintentionally and totally unknowingly, we happened to Adams-drop into their conversation. (If eavesdropping is possible, what can’t Adam drop it? 😆 )

She (Showing him a ghastly pink thing. No offence Sree 😀 ) – How do you like this one darling?

He – oh it looks beautiful. Anything and everything looks beautiful on you my love.

(The next few statements need parental guidance for the readers and hence are not included in this post. For those who have had such discussions before, you can very well figure out what ALL would they have spoken/done. And those who haven’t are free to imagine ALL that they would have talked about! )

She (With an awful grimace) – you’re just saying that!

He – Oh no. not at all. Why would I say just like that? It is seriously looking awesome.

She (snatching him away) – I am going to try it again and tell me for sure if you like it

He (With the same expression as Amol Palekar in Choti si Baat) – Ok darling!

I was a little surprised, a little irritated and me being me, I started thinking to myself. Is that what happens when you are in love? Is being in love losing your own self or does it mean discovering yourself newly? Does love make you change so much for one particular person? Ahh… This whole love thing is as intriguing on one hand as it is enigmatic on the other. May be no one really knows what it is.

I was brought back to senses when my friend handed me the Starbucks cappuccino that was my fees for accompanying him for shopping ‘clothes’! Our shopping was done in 5 min flat. And it took 15 minutes of this mushy conversation to allow us to reach the billing counter. Although it was none of my business, just out of curiosity I asked him the occasion for buying the formal wear. He was going to attend his friend’s wedding and the new stuff was to impress the fairer sex. There I was triggered back to my flight of thoughts… yet again…

And so I spew this hopeless rhyme about the person that is not me! 😆



The treacherous turns that the river takes, to destine herself in the vast sea,

The calm and compose that the ocean keeps, blissfully lost in her reverie.

With an open heart, her mellifluous sweetness adorns his brazen salinity,

To fall in love with their disparate waters, is what they are meant to be….





His sky blue expanse engulfs the earth with his magnanimous serenity,

She engrosses him with her lush velvet, elaborating her prosperous beauty.

He rains for her, she blossoms for him, and their love is an ode to divinity,

To be together until they unite at the horizon is what they are meant to be…





A lone traveler is a mere ignorant, endearing his need to be free,

Steering clear through the rough path of life in an enigmatic spree,

To decide the course of the wind and the water is what liberty seems to be,

To be swayed by a tide or a typhoon mere, is the person that is not me!



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