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Flakes and Flurries

9 Jan

After the previous fiasco at writing an Etheree, I am finally trying my hand at it again. Thanks Megz for the encouragement and helping me out with this one and thanks Pooja and Abhishek for the pat at the right place (you know where 😉 )

On one of the recent snowy days, I was just amused at how nature changes its color intermittently. Sometimes, it seems like an act of vengeance while on others a sign of grace. Somewhere, swayed by the crowd while at others, lurching in solitude…

Ridiculously white out of the window!


Snow –

White flakes.

Winter frost.

Sunshine all lost.

Walking past cold streets,

Suspicious frozen trees.

Gelid wind, icy cold chills,

Boisterously cheery snow – capped hills.

Out of the window – white everywhere,

Warm solitude held snug in a balmy chair.


P.S : The picture has been clicked by none other than the maestro himself – Abhishek Bhattacherjee. I urge you all to check out his pics here!

Nuts in NY – 3

19 Dec

I must say that the gap between my previous post and this one in this series is not worth calling it a hiatus. I am glad that I could get back with it fairly soon 🙂 (I know you would be really troubled to see few more MB’s of server space being wasted by my random ramblings. But, FYI, my pleasure! 👿 )

It has been over five months that I moved from New York to Pittsburgh and I wanted to write this post while I was in New York. But well, let’s just blame it on Elves! Here I am with the last post of this series…

As the Sun sets, The Hudson sheepishly flows,
Winter arrives again, yet again it snows.
The monotony of shimmer, lights up the sky,
The heaving river, the gushing winds, make me go Nuts in NY!


Seasons change, Seasons bruise, but Manhattan never weeps.
It’s blissful to wake up, in the city that never sleeps.
Smoking chimneys, cabs havoc, jaded city leaves a sigh!
the race, the rut, the glimmer, the dust, make me go Nuts in NY!

1. A fountain at Central Park with a clear sky as the backdrop. Splendid!

2. A view of the skyscrapers from the Empire State. They look like Lego blocks to me 😛

3. Artists at Wall Street. They were terrific!

4. The Empire State with different lights.

5. Liberty of Lego!

6. Snow!! Frozen motor!

7. Our Snowman last year. I dedicate this picture to Sree as he had asked me to do so (last year 😉 ).

8. This is the signature photograph that is the inspiration behind the title of this series of posts. Found this at Toys ‘R’ Us – One of my favorite stores 😀

You can catch the entire series here! I hope you enjoyed the series!

Cheers! 🙂

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