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[Meme] : Untitled – Why should all poems be titled?? This poem does not conform to usual standards…!!

1 Feb

Long long ago, our dear own Megz had tagged this mere mortal to an awesome awesome meme both on the external and corporate blog portals. Both the blog-o-spheres were taken by a storm and everyone fell into the pool of abstraction and title-less poetry.

I am really late in taking up the meme. But, I guess, for Megz, it was a calculated risk that she tagged ME to take it further. And indeed it was with an intention of pumping life into this utterly dead blog. Your efforts have finally paid off Megz. It took me almost a month to be in this state when even Lindor truffles and Tim Horton’s hot chocolate do not seem to be doing a good job of mood elevators and here I am with my reckless bantering in abstraction…

Why does it rain, when it is dry inside?

Why does it pain, when it blossoms outside?

Why do I search for colors in the dark?

Why do my dreams make reality so stark?

Why do I avoid looking at the mirror?

Why do I smile pleasantly in a mysterious fear?

Why do I hum a tune not composed by anyone?

Why is the ruptured divinity of my heart left undone?

Why do I barter my deeds with fate, with a meek hope to win?

Why do I seek solace so soon, despite my self-pitied chagrin?

Why do I have broken walls around, which I try to mend?

Why do I always begin something, of which there is no end?


I wrote most of these couplets at different times and they mostly made their way into my empty head when I was making a genuine attempt to think about “myself” and the series of polluting agents that revolve around this word.

Well, now that I get a chance to pass on this abstraction bug to someone, I tag Borna to take this meme ahead. The rules are simple:-

> The TITLE of the post should be the same as above

> The tags should include poem-with-no-title

> The poem should preferably be just random thoughts and abstract-ish

I and the Me Within

26 Nov

I try to measure the overwhelming depth of the ocean,

And with a sly deception shudder at my fantastic obsession.

The Me Within opens his wings, flies high in the sky,

Lovingly callous about the miles treaded by.


I weave around myself, an aura of hapless piety,

Adorn my helplessness with a cocoon of sincerity.

The Me Within emancipates – out of the golden cage,

To soar the mountains steep with an astounding rage.


I look at my past with guilt, remorse and sorrow,

And search outward for an excuse that I could easily borrow.

The Me Within looks ahead never to turn back,

His burlesque gestures mock at me for the pluck that I lack.


I live in a world of purity, of rituals, of rights and of wrongs,

Content with the legacy of my notes, happy with the tyranny of my songs.

The Me Within is mischievously charming, gamboling in between,

And I hear his whistle blowing, humming a tune so serene.


I count my days, count my time, and count my blessings, to win,

And relinquish the countless moments of joy, scared of committing a sin.

The Me Within is a careless lad, who happily loses with a smile,

And brandishes his joyful hat, every once in a while.


I wish I could be like him, and he’d live my life like me,

I’d paint the sky with freedom, and dive through the depth of the sea.

Reality shrieks yet again, with her deafening draconian din –

When he leaves me, and I leave him, I’d meet the Me Within…

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