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Life’s Like That: Of Memory Loss and Nostalgia

23 Jun

The Unknown Girl

I had a very sharp memory. Trust me, I did! My friends usually burst out in laughter when I try to convince them about this. I had called to wish my aunt a happy birthday and she quickly stated that Facebook has really made remembering birthdays easy. Well, you don’t really have to remember them now. A nice pop up or a side bar does it for you. I told her that I maintain a spreadsheet with all the birthdays listed on it. So far I trust my memory to look at the spreadsheet. The day does not seem to be very far when the application will trigger an email from your inbox as well. I am simply surprised by the level of emotional disconnect I would have eventually.

I was traveling to New York a couple of weeks back in the train. As I stepped in the train at my stop, I noticed this girl with a familiar face getting in as well. I knew that I knew her! But, I chose to disregard me noticing her as there was just no way could I remember her name. The subway in NYC is as accommodating as the local trains in Mumbai. With every stop it makes, a few people manage to edge out, a few squeeze in and the re-shuffling is never-ebbing. So, after a couple of stops, this unknown girl was right next to me and not noticing her was like disregarding Baba Remdev’s fast! 🙄  Before I could even think of greeting her…

She: Hey Hi Himanshu! What a pleasant surprise? How have you been? XYZ told me that you went on to pursue Master’s. Are you done with it? Oops! Lot of questions… Take your time… 😛

Me: Errr… Yeah!! 😀  (At this point, neither did I remember her name, nor did I recollect who XYZ was!! Duhhh!! ) I am here for an internship. I am going to be around until the end of August.

She: Oh that’s great! We should catch up sometime. I am going to get off at 14th. Where are you headed to?

Me: Oh just meeting a couple of friends near 33rd.

She: I guess you changed your number? I have the old one.

Me: Aah.. yes.. I am sorry, the shift from being at work to being a student happened in a jiffy for me. I could not inform a lot of

She: Yeah. I get it. So, what’s your new number?

Me: Oh yes! I am sorry… It’s blah blah blah… What’s yours?

She: I’ll ring you up once I am out of the train.

Me: (Why couldn’t she just give her number? She had to give the insurmountable “missed call”!!! ) ok sure!

I don’t think she even thought that I wouldn’t remember her name. She did give me a “missed call” and I have this number saved in my phone as the “The Unknown Girl”.

I have been trying to figure out her name by asking possible common friends. But behold! Whenever I ask this question to anyone, I only give them an opportunity to have loads of fun at my cost! 👿 😦


A few weeks back I got a call from an unknown number. The first thought that came to my mind was that it would be another recruiter calling me to convey rejection. I was going pretty crazy with the internship search then. But well, the sound on the other end of the phone was certainly not that of a nonchalant recruiter.

He: Hi! Am I speaking with Himanshu?

Me: Yes.

He: don’t tell me you still haven’t recognized my voice?

Me (After a blink, viola!!): Ohhhooo!! 🙂 Its you!!

It was an old friend of mine I had lost touch with over the years. Getting back in touch with friends is just so truly invigorating. We indeed had a lot to catch up on. We talked about the amazing trip that we had made while in college. We revisited all our typical hang outs through the conversation, talked about exams, talked about movies and several other nothings of the world. After the call, I got back to the internship hunt, but probably the anxiety was a little abated by the smile on my face… 🙂

Well, there are some moments which erase out of our memory too soon and there are these other several moments that we cherish and reminisce for a lifetime. I have certainly come to realize that neither of the two is in our control!

Life’s like that – Of moments to forget and moments to remember!


“Life’s Like That” is a segment where I narrate incidences that have transformed from mere thoughts to wonderful memories. Click here for more posts in the segment! 🙂

याद है…

9 Nov

It has been a really really long hiatus. I was beginning to forget that there was a time when I used to be a prolific blogger. It is this new phase of being a student again which I believe is the reason for this vacuum. I am sure you were all glad to see me shut up. But well, I can’t let you stay happy for long. 👿

The day before yesterday, I had gone to a friend’s place to work on a group assignment. Surprisingly, we were able to get through with it real quick. And when people with capability to yap endlessly are together, I don’t want to specifically mention the consequence. My friend showed me some of his photographs which had pictures of his house, his family and friends. One thing led to another, and I was driven in a fit of nostalgia. On my way back, a couple of lines popped up in my head and by the time I sat down to pen them down, I was already heading somewhere. After a day’s settling time, here I am with a silly rhyme…

Disclaimer: As you would have already guessed, its a Hindi poem and lo! I have just newly discovered a way of typing in the Devanagari script using Google IME as well. So for the Hindi impaired lot, my apologies. 😦 Also I am taking the full advantage of the server space on wordpress and putting up this picture also – clicked by yours truly on one of the recent trips to Niagara. 🙂

नन्ही सी इन आंखो में,

भोला सा सपना याद हैं.

अन्जानो की इस भीड में भी,

कोई अपना सा याद हैं.



छटते कोहरे की अंगडाई,

पूरब की किरणें बलखाई,

ओसभरे उन फुलों को,

हलके से छूना याद है,

अन्जानो की इस भीड में भी, कोई अपना सा याद हैं.


हजार खिलौनो की चाहत,

बचपन की हर इक शरारत,

दोपहर रसोई में छुपकर,

लड्डू चुराना याद है,

अन्जानो की इस भीड में भी, कोई अपना सा याद हैं.


हार न थी और जीत न थी,

हिसाबो की भी रीत न थी,

घुटनो की उन ज़ख्मों को,

माँ का सहलाना याद है,

अन्जानो की इस भीड में भी, कोई अपना सा याद हैं.


दुनिया के हर रंग में,

धीरे धीरे रंग रहें हैं,

अंबर की ऊँचाई में,

सपने भी अब सिमट रहें हैं,

सात सुरों के सागर में,

मासूम सी बंदिश याद हैं,

अन्जानो की इस भीड में भी, कोई अपना सा याद हैं.



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