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[55 Fiction] – The Revival

5 Apr

He tried to make a beeline through his discombobulated chain of thoughts. Measuring every word, every emotion carefully, he finally decided to pen them down waiting anxiously for them to shout back.

A sudden realization of the seeming futility murdered his resolve. But, the words persisted, conquered and the revival happened –a noble attempt!


P.S – I guess this is just another hopeless attempt at getting back to blogging after a really long hiatus. And I must thank Sudhi for sparking this idea!

[55 Fiction] – Red!

28 May


 She looked at me with her luscivious eyes, her lips deep red. With every sip of the spirit that took me on a high, I fell deeper and deeper in them.

I walked over to her. We spoke in unmuted silence. We walked together to the other side of the “fence”!

Yes. I am Positive.

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