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3 Feb

Once again I am attempting format poetry. This is called a Clerihew. Needless to say, our very own princess of poetry Megzy is to be accredited for introducing this form of poetry to me.

Here are the features of a Clerihew:-

  1. They are four lines long.
  2. The first and second lines rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.
  3. The first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person.
  4. A clerihew should be funny.

The ongoing controversy between Bing and Google after the accusation made by Google that Bing is capturing click-thrus to Google search was the immediate topic that came to my mind. I know that Bing and/or Google are not persons. But, fictitiously, let us assume them to be two boxers in the ring. 😀 I am writing two Clerihews – one accusing Bing of cheating and the second a sort of retort to the same. So here it goes..

Here goes the Ding Dong Bing!

Upon which Google ran a sting.

And that just made them spill some beans,

of poaching searches and faulty means 😛


Shot back a reply retorting Google,

Bing searches fair, it does not smuggle.

The road to searching is full of thorns,

The giants of the game, pointing horns. 😀


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