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Parody – प्याज़ी बदनाम…

29 Dec

The news today would have made a lot of retailers breathe a sigh of relief for the onion prices have dropped a bit. But, there is this onion parody meme which has taken the blog-o-sphere by a storm. I must accredit this hopeless attempt of mine to Sree. He has done amazing parodies in the past and his recent onion parody is my personal favorite. Do check it out!

While Kanda is getting jawan on Sree’s blog, our item girl pyaazi 😆 is getting badnaam on this space.

rOcK oN… 😛

Disclaimer: Yes! parody of a Hindi song, in Devanagari script. Apologies to the Hindi impaired.

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी की खाल गुलाबी, हाल शराबी, ऐंठ नवाबी रे..

प्याज़ी से प्याज़ हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी की खाल गुलाबी, हाल शराबी, ऐंठ नवाबी रे..

market की शान हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए |


भिंडी सी figure मिर्ची सी अदा, मिर्ची सी अदा,

भिंडी सी figure मिर्ची सी अदा, मिर्ची सी अदा,

हाय मेरे तडके में फ़िल्मी मज़ा रे फ़िल्मी मज़ा,

हाय तू ना जाने मेरी कीमत वे,

हाय तू ना जाने मेरी कीमत वे, लाखों रुपैया उड़ा…

मैं जायदाद हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

आम से खास हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए |


ओ प्याज़ी रे, ओ प्याज़ी रे,

तेरा गली गली में चर्चा रे,

है बढा सभीका, सभीका खर्चा रे,

बढा सभीका, सभीका खर्चा रे,

ओ प्याज़ी रे…


कैसी बारिश से यूँ पाला पड़ा जी पाला पड़ा,

हो कैसी बारिश से यूँ पाला पड़ा जी पाला पड़ा,

बिना वजह के तूफ़ान आ खड़ा, तूफ़ान आ खड़ा,

पर वोह ना जाने मेरे पीछे वोह पवार,

पर वोह ना जाने मेरे पीछे पवार से मनमोहन पड़ा,

नींदे हराम हुई, ओ सब्ज़ी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए |


है तुझ में पूरी gravy का नशा, gravy का नशा,

हर डिश को कर दे तू और लाजवाब, और लाजवाब,

काटें जो तुझको निकले आँखों से पानी, हाय,

काटें जो तुझको निकले आँखों से पानी, क्या कुछ ना किया,

थैली की शान हुई, ओ सब्ज़ी मेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी मेरे लिए|


प्याज़ी की खाल गुलाबी, हाल शराबी, ऐंठ नवाबी रे..

प्याज़ी से प्याज़ हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

प्याज़ी बदनाम हुई, ओ सब्जी तेरे लिए,

आम से खास हुई, ओ सब्ज़ी तेरे लिए,

Import पाक से हुई, ओ सब्ज़ी तेरे लिए,

मलिका-ए-दाम हुई, ओ सब्ज़ी तेरे लिए,

wallet में hole हुई, ओ सब्ज़ी तेरे लिए,

आ ले बदनाम हुई, हाँ जी हाँ तेरे लिए,

ले सरे आम हुई, ओ सब्ज़ी तेरे लिए |

Life’s Like That: Of checked-in babies :-P

29 Dec

Time flies – they say! A quick realization that I am already a semester old as a student struck me as I completed my last examination. After a considerably huge hiatus I was feeling declutched. After a demanding load of course work and harassing finals, a break was certainly much needed. To get away from the snow and the winter of Pittsburgh, I decided to visit my aunt at Houston where the Sun shines bright! 🙂 For those who know me, I need sunlight to function. (Ya ya! You are already cracking jokes about me being a plant incarnated as a human etc. Grrrr! 👿 )

The tickets were booked and bags were packed. I was waiting for my bus early in the morning to take me to the airport. I am mostly engrossed in the nothings of this world and this day was no different. While I was thinking about things ranging from how can Madhuri Dixit be so beautiful that I am completely at lack of words to describe it to thinking about what all would I get to eat at my aunt’s place ( 😛 Yeah! I always think of food! 😀 ), I was greeted by a friend who was also heading to a warmer place – LA. I would like to assume that my friend was as glad to have my company as I was to have his. But then, that’s just a way in which I like to think of myself to be likeable! 😛 😀

Now there is something which I have to confess. I am not the kind of person who would go ahead and strike a conversation right away. However, if the wavelengths match, I tend to blabber uncontrollably 😛 Well, as you must have guessed it already, it was the latter with this friend of mine. Our conversation started with how everyone gets disillusioned about snow after landing up in a couple of snow storms to how it was a bad idea to take an early morning flight. We shifted soon to our past travel expeditions. It did not take long for my friend to state how annoying kids turn out to be as fellow travelers. I chose to not voice out my disagreement as I could see the indignation evidently 😀 The following statement by my friend stayed on my mind for quite some time:-

“Kids should also be checked – in with the rest of the baggage in aircrafts!” (ROFL.. 😛 )

We reached the airport and went to our respective terminals wishing each other happy holidays. My flight was on time (the reason for a special mention of this is attributed to the fact that flights are delayed perpetually during the winters! L ). I boarded the flight, found my seat and wished a good morning to my co passenger who had a very pleasant demeanor. Once again, it was the other person who instigated the conversation and we started talking about the nothings of the world.

My co passenger was a tax consultant visiting some of his clients at Houston. Coincidence indeed – we had a kid co passenger in the row ahead of us who had probably just got up from his slumber and was playing and chuckling with his parents. Soon he seemed to be irritated by the fact that the aircraft was not moving and so he started crying out loud! I mean really loud! My co passenger exclaimed that the boy reminded him of his own son and this is what he said –

“Oh! I just love their voices and noises. Heavenly!” (yet again.. ROFL.. 😛 )

The irony of the situation made me smile mysteriously. The unsent message to my friend on my cell phone  reads:-

“After all, there are a few people who find the cries of babies heavenly! 🙂 ”


“Life’s Like That” is a segment where I narrate incidences that have transformed from mere thoughts to wonderful memories. Click here for more posts in the segment! 🙂

Nuts in NY – 3

19 Dec

I must say that the gap between my previous post and this one in this series is not worth calling it a hiatus. I am glad that I could get back with it fairly soon 🙂 (I know you would be really troubled to see few more MB’s of server space being wasted by my random ramblings. But, FYI, my pleasure! 👿 )

It has been over five months that I moved from New York to Pittsburgh and I wanted to write this post while I was in New York. But well, let’s just blame it on Elves! Here I am with the last post of this series…

As the Sun sets, The Hudson sheepishly flows,
Winter arrives again, yet again it snows.
The monotony of shimmer, lights up the sky,
The heaving river, the gushing winds, make me go Nuts in NY!


Seasons change, Seasons bruise, but Manhattan never weeps.
It’s blissful to wake up, in the city that never sleeps.
Smoking chimneys, cabs havoc, jaded city leaves a sigh!
the race, the rut, the glimmer, the dust, make me go Nuts in NY!

1. A fountain at Central Park with a clear sky as the backdrop. Splendid!

2. A view of the skyscrapers from the Empire State. They look like Lego blocks to me 😛

3. Artists at Wall Street. They were terrific!

4. The Empire State with different lights.

5. Liberty of Lego!

6. Snow!! Frozen motor!

7. Our Snowman last year. I dedicate this picture to Sree as he had asked me to do so (last year 😉 ).

8. This is the signature photograph that is the inspiration behind the title of this series of posts. Found this at Toys ‘R’ Us – One of my favorite stores 😀

You can catch the entire series here! I hope you enjoyed the series!

Cheers! 🙂

Movie Review: Sita Sings the Blues

18 Dec

An animation and a musical woven out of an epic which has been a part of the rich cultural heritage of India forever – a combination which surely seems promising as a film and it certainly is. When my close friend Sanket suggested me to watch this one, I ought to take it up the moment I had a chance. “Sita Sings the Blues” is an animated film written, directed and produced by American artist Nina Paley. The film is a satirical take on certain prominent events of Ramayana – the most celebrated Indian epic, amalgamated with the story of a devastating marriage of a contemporary married couple, which in fact is the story of Nina Paley herself. First and foremost, what needs to be lauded about the film is the fact that Nina Paley, the one woman army has responsibly mastered every aspect of making the film and has done it with brilliance. With a shoe-string budget and lack of distributors, she released the film on YouTube in 2008. (Yes! It is legitimately freely available on the internet! 🙂  )

Let’s be clear on this – The film is about male bashing. There is no dispute on that fact.  😛 The script asks and demands answers to questions which are presumably not new even to the Indian audience. Why was Sita asked to prove her virginity by taking the Agnipariksha (the trial of fire)? Why did Ram not trust Sita after he got her back from Lanka? These are just a few of the questions which have been posed time and again by the feminists of this planet. However, Sita Sings the Blues does not propitiate any of the extreme ideas. It applies these questions to the modern day convolutions of relationships which each one of us sees around. The story of trust, betrayal, sacrifice and affection which all of us seem to be living day in and day out is worth exposing to these conundrums of destiny.

The narration of the story of the film is done using puppets with a voice over which is superb. This has given the entire  narrative an authentic feel of a folklore. On one hand the wonderful animations capture the essence of the story perfectly, on the other the engrossing soundtrack is worth the bet. The musical part of the film is accredited to Annette Hanshaw, the quintessential jazz singer whose voice has not only embossed the melancholy strain of Sita’s blues, but even presented some awesome music after a real long time for those who love musicals. My personal favorites are “Am I Blue” and “Who’s that knocking at my door”. Hats off to Nina to think of jazzing up an Indian cult epic! That does require a lot of courage! 🙂

There are particular sequences of the film which force the viewers to question their own sensibilities with which different societies have created different definitions of marriage. When there are expectations out of either ends of a marriage, friction is bound to occur. Wondering why Sita even went to the extent of proving herself time and again to a man who was blinded by disbelief is a question which we tend to hide somewhere in our minds, not wanting it to erupt. Sita Sings the Blues gives way to many such hidden questions. In my opinion, the eventual emotion which the director probably wants to convey is a possibility of Sita’s emancipation and empowerment as a woman before being tagged as Ram’s wife towards the end of the entire episode. May be something with which the modern woman can relate a lot.

Nina Paley has created motley of disparate emotions interwoven with a single thread of music with such penchant that makes you hysterically laugh at the most unexpected spots, mysteriously
cry at beautifully worded songs and finally avow – “WOW!” 🙂

For all of you who want to experience some really different cinema, Sita Sings the Blues is a must watch. Here is the YouTube link for the movie:-

Go for it!

Click here for more movie reviews.

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