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Nuts in NY – 2

19 Apr

Long long ago, I had decided to do a series of posts about the city that I am living in. Let us keep the reasons of my unsuccessful stint aside. Here I am, with another attempt at having an art attack:-

As the dawn illuminates the dark enigmatic streets,

Manhattan chuckles, heaving a pleasant sigh,

The corners and intersections, energetic again,

Their splendor and radiance, makes me go Nuts in NY!

People rushing to work, with an enormous love for life,

The fragrance of coffee, wishing slumber a good bye,

Being a part of the humdrum, running and making my way through,

Being a part of the crowd, makes me go Nuts in NY!

1. Midtown Manhattan with the Empire State Building lit up in the Indian tricolour on 15th Aug 2009 as seen from my apartment.

2. It was a fine Sunday and my escapade on a cruise on the Hudson landed me up with this picture.

3. Fall colours at Bear Mountain.

4. ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ – One world, one family! The ‘Om’ gelling in the buzzing glitteratti of Times Square.

5. On an extremely cloudy day, a layer of fog smears the Hudson and the Empire State Building plays hide and seek through them.

Stay tuned! 🙂

The series so far: Part 1

Life’s like that: Of ifs and but(t)s :-\

13 Apr

Life has strange ways of teaching us to laugh till we breathe and love till we live. I guess my fit of realization has struck yet again!

But naturally!

I have always found it difficult to mention the most embarrassing moment of my life as there have been many such moments and in fact they keep happening day in and day out. So much so that now I have got habituated to them. On a day when I feel that I haven’t been in a situation that I never wanted to be in, I feel a little void in my life. Well! There are many such voids, not just in my life, but in my brain as well, but let us not venture into the obvious. So, it was one such sober day when nothing eventful had happened since the morning and I had not realized it till the time something eventful happened!

The project I was working on was in the unit testing phase and I was executing some test cases. Now those who know me, know that I am totally absent minded to the extent of even disregarding if someone pings me. Believe me I don’t do it on purpose. It is just too profound for my tiny winy brain to goof up a code and a chat at the same time. So I stick to messing up only one thing at a time. But this time it was different. My client coordinator was trying to ping me and ask me which test cases I had executed and something seemed to have gone wrong with the messenger. So, she came to my desk with a hope that the test cases are going fine. This is how the conversation went:-

She: Hi. How’s it going? How many test cases have you executed?

Me: Doing fine. I executed a couple of them.

She: Anything annoying?

Me: It mostly looks good but… (Before I could complete the statement) 😳

She: I don’t like your but! 🙄

There was silence for around half a minute which was followed by a guffaw, laughter and monstrous uproars from all around my cubicle that lasted for the rest of the day. Even the most silent person around who in the last year and a half has barely uttered something more than a silent ‘Hi’ was laughing his lungs out.

It had become definitive of embarrassment for me. 😳 People quipped every now and then chuckling a joke, wittiest one liners here and there. The fun was enough to get people smiling for the rest of the week. The entire world seemed to conspire against my innocent buttocks!

My life as a dog..

And why did I mention that there is no dearth of embarrassing moments in my life? Because I can write pages and pages about it wasting the server space of CH1. The day my behind became an object of insult, I went into my thinking-about-the-past mode only to realize something about myself which my sister put it across to me as bluntly as always.

I remembered this incident that happened a couple of years ago. The washing machine at my place had refused to work and the prompt 24 hour service of the manufacturing company had taken nearly 72 hours to come and pay the visit to the affected area. The day finally arrived when the mechanic arrived. He was welcomed by my mother. You really don’t want to be welcomed by her when you know that she doesn’t want to welcome you. If you know what I mean! After a round of choicest of opening lines threatening the poor mechanic to take his company to the consumer court, mommy dearest finally let him in to look at the broken machine.

He was just about to enter the bathroom when yours truly did something for which he has been known across the lengths and breadths of  Khaandan’s residing in the vicinity. The noise was monstrous, as if the sky had broken down. Before your dirty minds concoct something out of the noise, let me curb all your imaginations and tell you that I SNEAZED! Accchhoooooo

So what? The mechanic stepped back hurriedly and asked – “Do you have a dog?” 😈 😳

Once again, there was a silence for half a minute and then there was a blasphemy of pick ons:-

My mother (Laughing uncontrollable): No No! we don’t have a dog. We have a son.. and he doesn’t bite.. HA HA HA HA 😆

My grand mother (Not caring enough about the serial running on the TV now as she had something juicier): God knows how that sound comes from that tiny little thing I call my grand son! 🙄

So there I was, once again a laughing stock for an absolute stranger who later on went ahead to mess up the washing machine further as a result of which we had to replace it with a new one.

And why was I reminded of this incident when I spoke with my sister? Because this is what she said:-

“You have an ugly but(t) and you sneeze like a dog. Do you still need reasons to know why you are single?”

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