Movie review: Main aur Mrs.Khanna

27 Oct

It was a rainy Saturday. The sun had not shone on me for even a minute since the morning and that made as morose as ever. I had slept enough, orkutted enough and gmailed enough (I have still not been smitten by the facebook bug! 😛 ) and believe you me, I had cooked enough as well. Basically, I had come to the stage where one really wants to do something fruitful on a Saturday like watching a movie, or chilling out with a gang of friends and the likes.

I have no valid justification for the fact that I chose to see this film to be able to spend my weekend time ‘fruitfully’. I knew it all even before deciding to watch it. I knew it had the ever atrocious Salman Khan with wrinkled face and drooling eyes, it had Kareena, half his age who looked like the frozen chapatti that I eat every day of the week and not to forget it had the ever obnoxious Sohail Khan who thinks that just because he has been breathing the bollywood air since childhood, he can be a part of anything that is even remotely linked to film making.


As a film viewer, it is the screenplay and the script that attract me first and then I begin to look at the way the story has been told on the celluloid. A lot of times, I tend to even overlook poor presentation if the screenplay is strong. For instance, Hyderabad Blues could have been a far better presented film if Nagesh Kukonoor had that sort of a budget. But, it is the story which attracted the viewers and they did not even mind if there were scenes shot with a simple handy cam.

Leave alone screenplay, this film does not have a story to start with. Set in Melbourne, the story begins with a little tiff between Samir Khanna (Salman Khan) and Mrs. Raina Khanna (Kareena Kapoor) over the fact that Raina had thrown the news paper in the trash can as it had marring remarks about Samir who had been a part of a scam. Raina is a waitress in some big time restaurant in Melbourne and Samir obviously dislikes it. He believes that “Every marriage must have financial stability” and he is shown to be disturbed of the fact that just because he lost his job, their marriage has lost this indispensable ‘financial security’.

After realizing the fact that there was not much in Melbourne for him to do, he decides to move to Singapore in search of job and books Raina on a flight to Delhi to go and stay with his parents till the time he returns. Raina decides to not to take the flight back to India and stays on in Melbourne. This is where Akash (Sohail Khan) enters the story by being the smitten lover boy of Mrs. Khanna. He is shown to be working at a coffee shop at the airport. The way he is shown ogling at Mrs. Khanna is only childish.

Just like any other typical bollywood flick, Raina makes a bunch of close Indian friends in a span of 2 minutes of screen time which includes Akash. What more? She even gets a job at a jeweler (played by Bappi Lahiri) at the airport. You ought to look at the lavish which she “manages” to live in by working at the jeweler.

I don’t want to detail the mindless plot and the enervating climax. I must mention the cameo which Preity Zinta has done with a flimsy item number to woo Mr. Khanna. She is hired by Akash so that Mrs. Khanna thinks that Mr. Khanna is of an ill character and grows an aversion towards him. Mr. Director, do you think you are making a film for kids who have just entered their teenage. On second thoughts, I don’t even think that today’s teenagers would do something as silly as this!

The appearance of Salman Khan is saddening, the pale look on Kareena’s face is irksome and Sohail Khan’s obliquely comic expressions can only bring a grimace to the viewer’s face. There is only one fairly hummable song in the film Rabba sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

If you too suffer from the ‘Start-to-finish’* disease like me, don’t even venture into looking at the promos of this film. As for Prem Soni, who happens to have started his career with such a disastrous film, I can only wish him luck!

* An ailment in which if you have seen the opening titles of the film, you cannot get rid of it until you watch it till the end. The author of this post has been a victim of enumerable atrocities due to this fallacy. Eg: Mithun da’s Aag ka Gola, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, etc.

My Rating:half_star


8 Responses to “Movie review: Main aur Mrs.Khanna”

  1. Agila October 27, 2009 at 8:49 pm #

    “…ever atrocious Salman Khan… Kareena, who looked like the frozen chapatti… ever obnoxious Sohail Khan…” —> That is a pretty strong judgement of the stars (pun intended) my dear friend! Humourous at one end, I couldn’t help exclaiming, “How mean!” at your take on Kareena!
    [Disclaimer – I am not a fan of either Salman or Kareena, I don’t have any business dealings with either of them, I don’t consider Kareena a stunning beauty, and I haven’t seen Sohail on screen to even comment.]

    Looks like you were in quite a rage after watching the movie: the review conveys it all. Thanks for doing me a favour – I certainly suffer from the ‘Start-to-finish’ syndrome. Hence, I will keep away from the movie! 🙂 Or maybe I should watch it, just to see if I can better your rating! 😛 (I am surprised you actually gave it half-a-star!!)


    • Himanshu November 11, 2009 at 8:51 pm #

      @ Ags
      Thanks for dropping by.
      //Humourous at one end, I couldn’t help exclaiming, “How mean!” //–Well then, I must insist you watch this film. I would be looking forward to seeing how sarcastic can you get! 😛
      //I don’t consider Kareena a stunning beauty//–Neither do I. Her waist line is so elongated, that when you look at her, it is only and only her waist everywhere! LOLzzz
      //I certainly suffer from the ‘Start-to-finish’ syndrome//–Join the club! 😉
      Thanks a lot for the comment Ags.. If you happen to catch it, do let me know.. how you liked it… err… disliked it! 😛

  2. Borna October 31, 2009 at 11:34 am #

    I think Frozen chapati is mean too, for the chapatis 😛
    I like my frozen chapatis.

    if u have the start to finish problem, i will suggest you to watch Goonda (mithunda’s movie) its an epic. And yeah after that if u are coming to madison just let me know, so that i can leave.

    • Himanshu November 11, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

      @ Borna
      //I think Frozen chapati is mean too, for the chapatis//–Author laughing uncontrollably!! LOLzzz
      Have already seen Goonda.. bhishon atyachaar.. ami aaje ekta khoob bhalo bangla chobi dekhe chilam.. Antaheen.. i think notun asche… Aami review likhbo.. soon very soon..
      Thanks for visiting pal.. 🙂

  3. Borna November 11, 2009 at 11:38 pm #

    and here you write a flawless bengali !! Did u have something against me ?? So much for suggesting Mithunda ??

  4. Supriya November 29, 2009 at 2:37 am #

    Hey Himanshu ,

    This is a wonderful post could not stop laughing…was glued till the end with a smile on my face [:)]…..!!!

    Goood Work so how are you these days …?

  5. Supriya November 29, 2009 at 2:44 am #

    Another suggestion why dont you start writing for magazines for Film critic columns…!!! you have a wonderful flair in that and will never forget the frozen chapati !!!

    • Himanshu November 29, 2009 at 11:46 pm #

      @ Borna
      // Did u have something against me//–No re.. 😦 I am pretty bad with tenses in Bangla…

      @ Supriya
      Jeeee… thanks a tonne for those kind words pal.. 🙂
      //was glued till the end with a smile on my face//–Your comment brought a smile on my face as well Suppi.. Thanks!! 🙂
      //writing for magazines for Film critic columns//–Awwww.. Flattered as flattered i can be.. 🙂
      Dont forget the frozen chapatis.. they are our survival kits! 😉
      Thanks once again for that awesome awesome comment.. you totally made my day..

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